Big agency design without the big agency cost

Studio Yopp is Laura's design space where she solves each design like a puzzle. She gathers all the information and puts all the pieces together in an esthetic way that fits the client, the budget and the audience. Laura pays attention to the little details that produce great designs and happy clients. Years of experience have established processes that quickly solve your marketing needs with optimum solutions. 


About Laura

The bottom line is Laura is a great designer — honest, thoughtful and a bit too humble. If you need to learn more about her, you can read her bio.

Laura's favorite Design Theories


Gestalt Principals of Design
"The sum of the whole is greater than its parts" 

Gestalt is the perception of a composition as a whole. While each of the individual parts have meaning on their own, taken together, the meaning may change. Our perception of the piece is based on our understanding of all the pieces working together. When gestalt principals are applied to our designs, not only will the work be more harmonious, but it allows us to predict how our audience will view and react to our work.

Wabi-Sabi Ideals in Design

The ideals of wabi-sabi come from Japan and combines esthetics that are fresh, simple, and have beauty stemming from age. When wabi-sabi is applied to design, elements are balanced, free from clutter and beautiful in its simple presentation. The placement of elements, including the empty space can form a powerful message and in many cases, the more elements we add, the more diluted and less effective the design becomes. Good work with wabi-sabi principals will be harmonious even if imbalanced and are often profoundly simple. (Excerpted from Garr Reynolds' blog)