internal marketing poster
 event series posters
 campus tour posters focusing on green architecture and interior design
 event poster
 values posters for medical practice
 lecture event poster
 large stand-up banner
 community event poster
 promotional event banner
 informational marketing poster
 large stand-up banners for medical practice
 open house poster
 internal posters for upcoming company software 
 marketing posters for medical professionals
 seminar poster that was also used as a direct mail invitation
 tradeshow booth backdrop
 motivational art posters for volunteer medical research program
 movie poster
 internal posters promoting company's mission and values
 marketing poster for medical practice
 exhibit posters for a museum
 drug awareness posters
 informational event poster for kiosk
 large event banner
 children's art project posters
 tradeshow booth backdrop
 New Mexico colloquium posters
 large stand-up banner
 medical practice feedback posters
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